Happy New Year

Photo by Jonas Von Werne from Pexels

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

I write to say Happy New Year, for I am elated if you are reading this. It means the most important thing of all. You are alive, and you have made it to 2021.

I am so grateful for you!

Launching this blog has been the ultimate leap of faith. It feels like launching a paper boat. Will it float, or will it sink? Will anyone come along for the ride? Thanks to all who have sailed through the writing.

I remember the summer afternoons I spent in a tiny studio room in Arizona, tinkering with the design of this blog’s pages. It occupied many hours and looking back, I’m grateful for that, too. Needing to stay indoors meant it was time to become creative. I thought, “There have to be other people going through this.”

“…going through this” meant: going through isolation. Going through not knowing what was going to happen. Going through the thoughts of, “Will I fall ill, or will I stay healthy?”

The most meaningful part of the year was the strength of the friendships that endured through the months of being apart. My happiest moment was a drive through the Catskill Mountains, on the way home after a weekend visit with one of my best college friends. It was late in October, and there were still enough leaves on the trees. I thought, “I will remember this as one of the best days of my life, ever.”

We still talk about the weekend because we don’t know when we will see each other again. He sends pictures of his walks and the other day he snapped a picture of a deer. How lucky to capture a moment with a creature who is timid and quick to flee.

How similar that is, to most of our relationships with each other. We are timid and quick to flee.

But not this year.

As we head into 2021, let’s become bold in drawing closer to each other. It looks like there will be plenty of time to do so for the next several months.

I’ve decided not to watch the Times Square ball drop, for the first time in many years. Instead, I’ve decided to celebrate by continuing to enjoy being alive, every day.

That is my sole resolution for 2021.

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