10,000 Steps a Day

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10,000 steps a day equals five miles!

Since recovering from a personal injury a few months ago, I have been working up to walking 10,000 steps a day.  I could not do so right away, but by the holidays, reached this goal five times between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

If you are out of shape, haven’t walked in a while, or like me, recovering from an accident, the best advice I can impart is to begin where you are.  If 2,500 steps are a stretch, repeat 2,500 for the next two days, move on to 3,000 steps for two days after that, and try to add on another 500 steps per day.  Eventually, you will reach 10,000.

After the first week or so, you may find that you’re able to do far more than you thought you could and will naturally add on your own volume of steps.

The winter weather makes it a challenge to meet the 10,000 steps, but I have worked around it.  I take 10-minute walks inside of my apartment, where the space is large enough between the front door, living room, and sunroom.  I walk back and forth between these three areas, and 10 minutes elapse before I know it.  I have sometimes stretched this out to 15 or 20 minutes, depending on the time of day and how many steps I have left to achieve.

Today I’ve walked a combination of inside and outside.  Tomorrow will be entirely indoors as NY is expecting another winter storm, which will progress from snow to icy rain for most of the day.

I’ve experienced the following in walking, even if only for a 10-minute sprint:

  1. I feel energized.  Getting up and away from the laptop for a few minutes during a workday refreshes my mind and I feel ready to go back after a mini break.
  • I’m burning more calories.  I didn’t spring for a $200. Fitbit fitness tracker but headed to Amazon to purchase an inexpensive one, for $40.00.  It measures everything I want, comparable to the Fitbit.  I also have the peace of mind knowing that if the tracker breaks, a $40.00 loss is sweeter than a $200.00 loss.
  • I’m not stressed.  I feel relaxed after a brief walk, and the fitness tracker display states “relaxed.”  Reading the word “relaxed” in fine print after a walk is priceless.

Step into your sneakers, lace them up, and get moving!

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