What is Malignant Narcissism?

Photo by Trevor Adams from Pexels A definition for January 6, 2021. Malignant narcissism provides a specific framework for analyzing recent violent events in Washington D.C. It is defined as: “…a murderous egotism, incapable of empathy with others, that considers human destruction inconsequential if it increases personal power and glory.” Using speech to encourage others to engage in violenceContinue reading “What is Malignant Narcissism?”

Settling In

It’s been almost a week since being home. I’ve continued to work remotely, and in between that, I’ve begun the process of stripping down and cleaning out my apartment. I didn’t retrieve all of the mail right away, but after two days, I asked my neighbor to bring over the bag of mail. The photo,Continue reading “Settling In”


This morning, I began the process of cleaning out the beautiful Airbnb apartment I’ve been staying at over the past few weeks. I have lived in this part of the Chateau since the end of August. Before that, I spent a month in a different apartment at the same grand home. I’d like to shareContinue reading “Moving”